Keep up with teachings

Keep up with teachings

July 17, 2020 Uncategorized 0

Many church meetings were cancelled while the emergency measures were in place. You can follow the discipleship teachings from that time, online at Ole’s YouTube channel.

They are: The Discipleship Teaching of Christian Foundation (Derek Prince); The Book of Esther; and Song of Solomon. You may need to click on Videos to see them all. And if you’d like the handouts, just send an email to Ole at and he will email them to you in PDF format

Pastor Andrew says, “This decision to cancel our meetings was for the benefit of everybody. We were looking after one another, caring for one another, showing due diligence and honouring God by playing our part. We are a bigger than average church along the coast and have many meetings most days, all of which are well attended and this action is to do our part to minimise any spread of coronavirus. Our phones were a good way to communicate and stay in touch during that period.” Now some groups are meeting together – observing all the rules of the land.

“Praise God for His protection, guidance and for Psalm 91 which He has given us. Therefore we can live not fearfully, but with an immovable TRUST in the Almighty Living God. Thank you.”