Events in 2021… more below

English speaking church on the Costa del Sol

Events in 2021… more below

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Sunday 19 September morning service in The Ark Christian School starting at 11:00. The word from God will be brought to us by Howard. He says, “It looks like the life of Samson will figure large in Sunday’s word. If you’d like to refresh your memory beforehand, it’s in Judges chapters 13-16. Thanks ❤️.” Please come with an ‘expectant’ heart. The service is led by Debbie 

Sunday 26 September morning service in The Ark Christian School starting at 11:00. Pastor Andrew brings the word from God to us. Please come with an ‘expectant’ heart. The service will be led by Debbie and will include communion

The Lord has made it clear that a great spiritual battle has started and our part is prayer and worship

Our Wednesday worship and prayer meeting is at The Ark Christian School at 17:00 (Prayer for Israel – first Wednesday each month)