Members are encouraged in the following areas:
  • To develop their own personal walk with God
  • Personal Prayer and corporate prayer
  • Personal Bible study and devotions
  • Regular church attendance and fellowship
  • Offerings and faithful stewardship of God’s resources
What is expected of members?
  • To protect the unity of God’s church
  • To share in the responsibilities of The Ark
  • To serve and support the ministry of The Ark


At The Ark there is a strong emphasis on prayer, supplication and thanksgiving.  Prayers are shared amongst the congregation all through the week. As God answers our prayers thanks are given to God and are shared amongst us all as a sign of encouragement to all. This is in line with The Ark’s vision of ‘building one another up’

Here are just some of the thanks that have been shared recently to encourage us all:

‘From Tuesday 9 October for 5 days I was in pain with my back. On Sunday I told the Lord I really wanted to go to the Tuesday meeting. I knew there were people praying for me and I was definitely praying. On Monday morning I woke up with no pain whatsoever. Thanks and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ our healer. Thanks also to those who prayed for me.’ Carole

‘God is sooo good. Doctors said John was going to die last Friday. Today he’s sitting up in bed eating.’ Linda

From Steve in the UK: “Jesus has healed Sue… IT IS DONE !!”