Discipleship Courses

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Discipleship courses are normally held in small groups – along the lines of ‘House groups’. Sometimes they may be held in homes, or online via Skype, or at The LifeBoat, or at The Ark Christian School. The courses are sequenced progressively over a 3-year cycle, to help us each grow as we walk on our journey with Christ and to be where our God wants us to be.  We have completed the 3-year cycle for most of the groups, so many of the courses have been studied and house groups are looking at different topics. Contact house group leaders for more information

The Tuesday evening discipleship group’s current course began on 26 September 2023 with a new teaching titled Hebrew Hidden Gems. It ran until the end of November, and will resume in 2024, so if you wish to attend, please send a WhatsApp message to Debbie


Alpha, Book of Ruth, The Book of Daniel, The Tabernacle, Signs of the End of the Age, The Book of Esther, Building the Temple of God, Foundations for Righteous Living, Freedom in Christ, How to Hear from God, Song of Songs, and Feasts, are not currently running

House Groups meet weekly for Bible study and fellowship

– more details on the House Group page