At The Ark there is a strong emphasis on prayer, supplication and thanksgiving.  Prayers are shared among the congregation all through the week.

As God answers our prayers thanks are given to God and are shared among us all as a sign of encouragement to all. This is in line with The Ark’s vision of ‘building one another up’

Here are just some of the thanks that have been shared recently to encourage us all. 

Thank you God for little blessings. Flying to go to my mum’s funeral, very expenive tickets and I wasn’t feeling very joyful but the moment of joy when the pilot allowed the kids in the cockpit was God’s way of making me smile. 😀 Jodie

We were praying for my sister Julie last month who had bowel cancer and her latest test confirms completely clear after her op ❤ Valerie M

Let’s keep thanking Our Father for Andrew Debbie Natasha and Frankie Gabby, Let’s give God the glory for bringing this beautiful family to us.
we give them to you Lord, Enlarge your place of your tent. Stretch your curtains of your dwelling spare not; Lengthen their cords and strengthen their pegs.  Linda

Thank you my eye op is successful – I can see far more now – so watch out!!! Anne T 

Hallelujah. I have been offered a job. With Contract. It’s only 12 hours but lots of opportunity to earn more in commission. Talk Radio Europe. Selling airtime, it’s also Flexi time so I can still be involved with forthcoming Dicipleship courses etc. Thank you Lord & all Brothers & Sisters of the Ark that prayed for me.  Valerie M

Thank you Lord for your love & faithfulness.  Bridget

Thank you for your shelter and protection Father.  Thank you Lord that you are our strength.  Anne T

Thank you Father God for another Beautiful morning in one of your many Mansions.🙏 The Lifeboat. Help me to understand your word more than I do, especially the old testament which sometimes confuses me.. Maybe perhaps by so many other things going in in my life & mind. I love you so much before any other living being. Please bring me closer & closer to you. ❤Thank you for my Sisters & Brothers & Especially Roger & Anne, who have shown me enormous kindness, patience & generosity. 🙏
You are Awesome God & I want more and more of you. Now & Forever Amen 🙏❤ Valerie M

Thank you Father God our car passed its ITV. Carole H

Glory and Praises to God. We thank You all day, every day for the marvellous things You do.  Angela

Thank you Lord for all the your mercy & many blessings in my life Amen ❤ Valerie M

Re:  Going to see a very promising house at 18:30 Mon 3 Feb – prayers appreciated – especially that it’ll be obvious either way. Thanks 😊

Thanks for praying – beautiful house and garden but other issues a problem. God made it very clear so thanks to Him & for your prayers.  We have a a wonderful Father and of His kingdom there shall be NO end! Thank you Lord!  Bridget

My colleague, Jacqui, who went deaf in one ear had horrible noises in one ear is getting some hearing back. She’s going to have a steroid injection in her ear to help. She actually thanked me forma my prayers just now. Thank you to those who joined me in prayer. God I thank you that the hearing will be completely restored and that Jacqui will know it is Your will. 🙏🏻 Jodie

(My friend’s grandson Oscar aged 11 had initially improved post-operatively but developed an infection and has deteriorated further. Blood results this evening show he is not fighting the infection. His family are awaiting a visit from the surgeon. Please join me in prayer 🙏)  Thank you all for your prayers about little Oscar. The good news is that he is able to go home 😁 today. He has had a scan and x-ray, the surgeon is confident that the residue of infection which he refers to as a ‘resolving collection’ can be managed at home with antibiotics. Oscar will remain on protein shakes for the next 3 months to help build him up after the stone weight loss. Blood tests will continue. His grandmother thanks you all for your love and support . Praise God for this. Ali W

Thank you Lord for your love and healing for Oscar. Thank you that you pour your everlasting love upon him. Thank you Jesus. Ann A

Praise the Lord! Little boy home! 😀 Angela

I have a work interview at 11:30. I woke up feeling sick and with a stomack pain and vomiting. May God heal me and help the interview to go well IJN Thank you for your prayers. I feel so much better and the interview went very well. Praise the Lord 🙏🙌🙌🙌 Anna A

There were those standing up in the centre of the prayer group during worship on Wednesday that were touched by the Lord and received healing, thank You Lord for each one.

There has been prayers going out to the Lord worldwide to send rain on Australia. Yes Lord the rains have come. Thank You Jesus. 

Mia is giving thanks for a breakthrough in the UK concerning her art work and an opening for future business.  

My former colleague Alex, who was in a coma and on life support following a cycling accident, has improved and is conscious but not yet able to communicate. Please continue to pray.  Howard

Thank you for your prayers. My friend’s daughter Liliana (taken to hospital on 13 January) is feeling much better now, and able to return to school tomorrow. The mom is not a Christian, but she thanked me of the prayers and she said she prayed too. May God help her to open her heart to feel the amazing love. And that the family will get know our Lord.  Anna A

Thank you all for praying for little Oscar, my friend Christine’s grandson. He had his operation last night. A large abscess was removed that had been concealed behind other organs. The surgeon said the operation went well. Now he re-starts the healing process.  Christine really appreciates all your prayers.  Thank you for your prayers for little Oscar. My friend Christine is again asking for prayers as he has been readmitted to hospital in Essex this evening 1 Feb. She really appreciates that you don’t know her or her family but are praying into this 🙏😊 Ali

Thank you Lord that you speak to us through our pastor. Thank you Pastor Andrew for the wonderful, God given sermon combining humor and a challenging message. I pray we act on whatever the holy spirit has showed us that may stop us becoming wiser and more mature in Christ so we are like the wise virgins who go through the gate. I also thank God that Leo slept through the entire sermon so I could listen attentively. 😀 Jodie


Last year (2019) 100 prayers in the newsletter were answered. Praise the Lord!