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At The Ark there is a strong emphasis on prayer, supplication and thanksgiving.  Prayers are shared among the congregation all through the week

As God answers our prayers thanks are given to God and are shared among us all as a sign of encouragement to all. This is in line with The Ark’s vision of ‘building one another up’.  Here are just some of the thanks that have been shared in the past 4 weeks to encourage us all:

☀️JOYFUL UPDATE ON GEORGE🌟From David:  Today (21 May) I took a call from Putney who confirmed – subject to funding – they have a bed available from 14 June. And on top of this really encouraging news, this will be a single room. So do join us in praising God for this as we feel (as do Northwick Park) they will really look after him well. Both Elisabetta and I had the same reaction when we got this news; deep gratitude for answered prayer yet tinged with a sadness and longing for “more Lord.” George continues to be more stable and whilst his body does not move he often smiles and chuckles and, on more days that not, shows some recognition to our voices which melts our hearts.

Elisabetta had a vivid dream two nights ago that George was downstairs in the house.. speaking and moving with only some stiffness in his legs. We were so encouraged and combined with my “believe it before you see it” God-sense that he will start talking, brought a pocket of joy to us. We continue to be so thankful for everyones prayers and encouragements which is the family of God at work. Please keep praying for the most glorious and Jesus pointing miracle of full healing.

One other prayer point: George’s elbows are very bent to the point his hands are almost touching his face. please pray this is not contracture ie permanent but stifness and that botox (yes botox!) injections into his elbows will help with this. You all are amazing in walking with us through this in prayer, in practice and with deep emotion as we journey through this. Thank you. It’s just so touching and we feel humbled. xxxxx via Steve M

Thank You Jesus, who always hears our prayers. We pray now for continuing progress with beautiful George and strength for his family.  Valerie

Baby Santi is doing so very well after his open-heart surgery. Yesterday (19 May) his parents were able to take him home from hospital! God has done wonders for this precious baby. Thank you all so much for praying. Jodie & her boys prayed faithfully for Santi every night. Thank you so much. The Lord bless you all! And thank You Jesus for what You have done. 💟✝️  Berni

👏👏To God all the glory✝️  Linda

Lord, thank you, and please continue to bless Santi 🙏  Anne T

Thank you JESUS for saving this precious life 🙏  Sue M

All the glory goes to our wonderful Lord….. So lovely to see them going home….and may his whole life be blessed🙏🏻  Rosalind

Update praise! Baby Santi, born prematurely, is improving daily. Thank You Jesus!! 💟✝️  Berni

Thank You Jesus for Your healing touch on this beautiful child.👏👏  Edith

Good morning church Ruben, who works with Charles in Nigeria and had malaria, just send me a message (12 May) to say Thanks for all the prayers he is must better and able to go to work today 😊 Thank you Jesus 😊 🙏 😇  Elaine

Praise and thank You Jesus for Your healing touch on Ruben. 👏👏  Edith

Praise God for He is good, He provides our every need and sometimes our wants. The car has passed its ITV (11 May). Thank You Lord.  Carole H

I’ve just picked my friend Jackie up from the clinic (10 May) and she is fine, all went well, although “different from the first eye op” She has a check up tomorrow morning. Thank you Jesus for taking care of her, especially when they put the wrong name wristband on her when she arrived!  Pam

Thank You Jesus  Pastor Andrew

Thanking God for Yasmin’s safe return. 🥰  Angela C

Thank You Jesus !! We had prayed for Stephania and Celine’s Mum who was in a coma in hospital. Praise God that she came out of the coma. Now Praise God that she has come out of the hospital (7 May) and is finally on her way home.  Pastor Andrew

The miracles never end.  Thank you, wonderful Jesus.👏👏  Valerie

Hallelujah, all praise and glory to the Lord 👏👏👏  Rita

Thank you I have been feeling so peaceful since I asked for prayer……xxx  Mia

😀Praise God.  Angela C

Thank you Lord  Anne T

Thank you Jesus for giving Mia the peace she so desperately needed . 🙏🙏  Rosalind

Thank You Lord for Yasmin’s safe travel back to her family….🙏🏻🙏🏻  Rosalind

Thank you all for your prayers for Baby Santi. He has made it through the night (4 May) & is now stabilising. Please continue to pray for him. Thank You Jesus 💟✝️  Berni

Praise the Lord…. hallelujah 💖🙏🏻🙏🏻  Rosalind

Thank you Jesus for your healing and continued healing of Santi.  Norman

Yes, Lord, thank you that Santi is in your hands and for all the healing to come.  Howard

Amen. Thank You, Jesus, for taking care of Santi. ❤  Angela C

Praise and thank You Jesus, please continue the healing in Santi.🙏  Edith

Amen thank You Lord for being our refuge and thank You for giving me the amazing Valerie as a sister, abuela and friend. You knew I needed a wise woman of God like her in my life. She’s a precious blessing to me.  Jodie

Amen. 🥰  Edith

Amen 🙏🥰🙏  Rosalind

Thank You Jesus that You are by my side through it all AMEN. I praise and glorify Your Name AMEN  Rita

Soooo vital to meet and share and always blessed by His presence. Thank You Jesus 🙏  Rosalind

Thank you Jesus for your healing (30 Apr) and continued healing of Graham’s legs.  Norman 

I have just talked with one of the department heads of the Mayor’s, who is now signing the new papers required to keep my land, and he is passing them now to a dear friend to keep for me. Thank you for your prayers, sisters and brothers, in my time of need. The Lord worked it all out.🎊💓👨🏼‍🌾  Carol R

Thank You Jesus 💟✝️  Berni

Thank You Lord 🕊️🕊️🙏🏻  Rosalind

Thank you Jesus, wonderful Lord ✝️  Ann A

Praise God❤️✝️🔥  Bonnie

Thank You for Your Word that encourages us through the difficult times. ✝️🙏  Edith

Thank You Lord for rescuing me and accepting me into Your Kingdom 🙏🏻  Rosalind

Thank you Jesus that as I stay ‘in you’ there is no condemnation. Hallelujah!  Anne T

How can we ever thank and praise You enough for Your promise of eternal life.👏👏👏  Edith

Thank You Lord for this new opportunity for us to ask You to glorify Yourself in the life and health of George. It is a while, Lord, and so with faith in Your very nature, we petition You to restore strong breathing to George, and good oxygen levels to his blood. You say the life is in the blood – Let it be so!
You say You came to give us life in fullness, we speak sozo and full vigorous life into George, right now, in Jesus’ name. Glory to our God!  Roger

* * *

Answered Prayers and Thanksgiving

Although there have been a lot of restrictions, we still have a good 2021 report for the Ark, from Bonnie.
First 32 people were saved and 9 baptised. We have had 49 reported healings, and 25 special needs, such as travelling merices, provisions, protection and paperwork. We have had 3 Discipleships and one weekly Homegroup, one
Bring and Share, and Arts and Crafts. We said Hello to 3 new babies and Good-bye to 4 loved ones.
We had 253 signed-in visitors on Sundays.
Praise the Lord. It has been a blessed year.