At The Ark there is a strong emphasis on prayer, supplication and thanksgiving.  Prayers are shared among the congregation all through the week.

As God answers our prayers thanks are given to God and are shared among us all as a sign of encouragement to all. This is in line with The Ark’s vision of ‘building one another up’

Here are just some of the thanks that have been shared recently to encourage us all. 

My sister Julie is 54, living in Wales with three children. Her operation for bowel cancer had been cancelled 3 times, due to lack of beds in the NHS, despite taking pre-op meds 3 times, which were unpleasant, in prep for the op. Finally going to theatre on 29 November.  After a 6 hour op she is doing well.  Thank you Lord.  Valerie M

Michel went into Marbella Hospital at 7am on 29 November, for his operation. It was successful, glory to GOD and thank you Pastor and brothers and sisters for prayers.  I will see Michel after 4 hours. PRIASE THE LORD. Marie

Joy, my wife was in hospital for a week, with a problem with her neck. Thank you Lord, for healing her neck. She can return home and has to wear a collar for 2 weeks. Amen.  Edward

Thank you Lord for the amazing Testimony of Nigel today and the lovely fellowship afterwards. It was, humbling and powerful. Thank you Nigel for Sharing. God you are so Good. Amen 🙏 Valerie M

My face is literally almost healed from the fall I had on Thursday evening. The cuts diminished in no time, my left eye which was rapidly turning into a black eye….didn’t – the bruising simply stopped and no sign of it in the morning. Had slight swelling between eye and upper lip- but this, too, has gone down this morning. ALL THANKS TO GOD – HE is always my FIRST AID. GLORY to Him!!!!!! Angela

I am rejoicing that my daughter, Rachel, has had the all clear from cancer. Thank You Jesus for Your mercy and love.  Edith

After praying for Dad, having an operation for a strangulated hernia.
Further complications are he’s got heart disease and type 2 diabetes. He’s on blood thinners which have been stopped as they need to thicken the blood before they can do anything.  God did it, praise His name.  Dad now in recovery ward and he’s amazing! His heart held out and they were able to do the surgery. Don’t have all the details yet as to what they did, will hear about it tomorrow, but after hearing such a harrowing prognosis this morning when we were told pretty much to expect the worst and call the family.  I’m just so thankful that he’s still with us. Grateful for your all your prayers. God is sooooo good.  Carol McR

Thank you Lord that we are saved by Your grace. Jodie

Thank you for your prayers. My back is fine and even the flu is bit better🙏💜 Anna A

Update from my friend, and occasional Arkie, Heather, after being rushed to A&E 3 times while here in Sep/Oct, she’s now fit enough to take her dog walking in Cheshire, England: ” I’m in a very wet and muddy woods with my Candy. The first walk I’ve had since the beginning of September. Feeling great now. Yesterday I went to town and walk at a normal pace without getting out of breath and then came home for a rest! I think something else has clicked into place as yesterday again I felt very much better.” Praise the Lord! 🙏  Pam

Thanking God for all our fellow-believers- the family of Jesus. ❤ Angela

There was a praise and thanksgiving for the good turnout on October 31st at the Lifeboat where the children watched a good film with sharing of food and fellowship

Giving thanks to Chris and David Carlson for sharing their testimony with us on Sunday. They also told of how they were called into full-time ministry. They prayed with the congregation for many sick and there were healings. They also prayed for people to be saved and other to rededicate their lives to Christ on Sunday. We were all blessed by their visit to Spain and hope they will return soon

(Sarah Almagro got a new kidney. Her dad was the donor)  Thank you Lord, you are so amazing. Thank you for the work that you have already performed on Sarah and her dad. Lord I thank you for continued healing, more than the doctors can understand. You’re perfect in every way Lord and we thank you for perfect healing. Ann A

Thank you Lord for my new eye. I can see! Anne T

Amen and thank you Lord that Anne’s eye operation was a success. Jodie

Praise the Lord for His healing of Ethan this week. His fever was very high and he had to go to the hospital after Nigel gave word, that prayer was in need, only a few hours later Ethan’s temperature was normal and he could go home. PTL

Anna shared that when Sofia was playing for her team, she became ill and thought she would not be able to play the next set. Anna asked for prayer and Sofia was out playing the next set. Her team mate asked her how could she get well so quickly? Sofia said ”with prayer God healed me”

The pain in my hip and leg is now gone. Thank the Lord for the healing.  Val

Thank the Lord for healing in my back. The pain totally went during the service on Sunday and I can move my back in ways I haven’t been able to for months.  Jane


‘Last year (2018) over 90 people we prayed for as a church were healed. Praise the Lord!’