At The Ark there is a strong emphasis on prayer, supplication and thanksgiving.  Prayers are shared among the congregation all through the week.

As God answers our prayers thanks are given to God and are shared among us all as a sign of encouragement to all. This is in line with The Ark’s vision of ‘building one another up’

Here are just some of the thanks that have been shared recently to encourage us all:-

Thank you Lord, that you are in control over all the fires in the campo, and for your protection over all the uniformed officers. Carole

My daughter had good news regarding a meeting this morning.  Jose

Thank you for praying for me about my knee operation.  I felt the Lord’s hand in mine. Praise the Lord.  Rosalind

Joe went to emergencies with suspected kidney stones.  You prayed for him and he feels much better.  He was able to go back to work the following day and didn’t even need to take any of the prescribed medication! Having had kidney stones in the past, he knew this was amazing and a most unusual outcome.  He knows you all prayed for him.  Thank you, Jesus, for your healing.  Berni

Thanks for praying for me and my appointment in the Argentinian embassy in Cadiz. Everything went perfectly well and I’m also starting a new job on Tuesday.  God is so good that He answers always at the right time.  Yasmin

Sofia’s knee was injured as she played in a tournament, and we were unsure if she could continue to play.  Her knee is 100% and she played a truly amazing tournament and I’m so grateful that she was able to play until the end, even though it looked so bad.  Praise the Lord.  Anna

Thank you Jesus for protecting residents on the mountain where the fire broke out. The fire was contained by helicopter dropping water, and nobody was hurt.  Linda

When we give God our day, we are always blessed.  Ann

Thank you for blessing us Lord today.  Annette

Thank you Father God that You are our amazing Abba.  Full of love, grace, mercy, forgiveness!  You are a good good Father!  Edith

Thank you Lord for being SO good, I had a job interview today and everything went perfectly! Praise the Lord.  Yasmin

Praise God for speaking to his faithful servant Pastor Dale, who acted on the word and has travelled here such a long way with a wonderful team to bless, teach and encourage us.  Jodie

Thank you Jesus, thank you to all of you for your prayers/worship all day.  I am out of hospital. After 4 hours of praising Jesus in the waiting room I was told my body was perfect… I agreed with him!  Andrew

Thank you Lord, you are perfect in all your ways.  Thank you that Andrew is your child and you love him. Thank you that you are pouring your healing power into him.  We glorify your wonderful name Jesus. Amen.  Ann

Amen! Thank you Jesus for Andrew’s total healing.  Edith


‘Last year (2018) over 90 people we prayed for as a church were healed. Praise the Lord!’