At The Ark there is a strong emphasis on prayer, supplication and thanksgiving.  Prayers are shared amongst the congregation all through the week.

As God answers our prayers thanks are given to God and are shared amongst us all as a sign of encouragement to all. This is in line with The Ark’s vision of ‘building one another up’

Here are just some of the thanks that have been shared recently to encourage us all:-

Thank you Jesus, thank you to all of you for your prayers/worship all day.  I am out of hospital. After 4 hours of praising Jesus in the waiting room I was told my body was perfect… I agreed with him!  Andrew

Thank you Lord, you are perfect in all your ways.  Thank you that Andrew is your child and you love him. Thank you that you are pouring your healing power into him.  We glorify your wonderful name Jesus. Amen.  Ann

Amen! Thank you Jesus for Andrew’s total healing.  Edith

Praise the Lord, my mum is back at home and recovering well from the chest infection. She thanks you all for your prayers.  Jodie

Some of you were praying for the job interview I had today.  Everything went perfect with the interview, Praise the Lord! God is good and He’s taking car of us always, He will never leave us.  Yasmin

My son presented his paperwork in Malaga for residence card. Praise God, his papers were accepted. Now we claim God’s victory for a favourable result and it will pass for him to get his card.  Henrietta

We are seeing  many blessings regarding bureaucracy and employment and more will follow, hallelujah! Our God knows we need these things taking care of, so we will worship and thank him. How great is our God!  Jodie

It suddenly became windy late last night and it made me think of the Ruach, the holy wind of God  in Acts, filling the upper room.  Ruach means wind, spirit and breath of God. It was a sign for me that God truly sent us tha Canadian church to breathe His spirit on The Ark and all of us. Thank you Lord. Jodie

Yes Amen!! That wind did feel very different and very strong. Holy Spirit Wind. Through Fuengirola, the jacaranda flowers were showering down like blessings from Heaven.. Confetti for the Bride of Christ. Thank you Jesus for your signs and wonders, we receive them. Amen.  Berni


‘Last year (2018) over 90 people we prayed for as a church were healed. Praise the Lord!’