At The Ark there is a strong emphasis on prayer, supplication and thanksgiving.  Prayers are shared among the congregation all through the week.

As God answers our prayers thanks are given to God and are shared among us all as a sign of encouragement to all. This is in line with The Ark’s vision of ‘building one another up’

Here are just some of the thanks that have been shared recently to encourage us all. 

Thank you for your prayers. My friend’s daughter Liliana (taken to hospital on 13 January) is feeling much better now, and able to return to school tomorrow. The mom is not a Christian, but she thanked me of the prayers and she said she prayed too. May God help her to open her heart to feel the amazing love. And that the family will get know our Lord.  Anna A

Thank you all for praying for little Oscar, my friend Christine’s grandson. He had his operation last night. A large abscess was removed that had been concealed behind other organs. The surgeon said the operation went well. Now he re-starts the healing process.  Christine really appreciates all your prayers. Ali

Thank you Lord that you speak to us through our pastor. Thank you Pastor Andrew for the wonderful, God given sermon combining humor and a challenging message. I pray we act on whatever the holy spirit has showed us that may stop us becoming wiser and more mature in Christ so we are like the wise virgins who go through the gate. I also thank God that Leo slept through the entire sermon so I could listen attentively. 😀 Jodie

Thank you Lord for the strong presence of the Holy Spirit within us and amongst the whole congregation at the Ark this morning. I personally felt it stronger than in recent weeks. Thank you for helping me to grow in you and for bringing me home to the special Ark. Amen🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤ Valerie M

An update from Pastor Dyfan in Northwich, Cheshire, who we prayed for about his operation on Tue 14 Jan for bladder cancer. He says, “Everything has gone well. I’m feeling a lot more comfortable! The nurse explained the following probable time-line: I will have a CT scan next week, and the results of the scan, along with other results, will be discussed by the medical team on January 30th and a course of treatment will be put in place. I’m very grateful to everyone for your prayers. It’s been both humbling and moving to be on the receiving end of such love. Our Heavenly Father has heard your prayers by upholding and strengthening us. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!” Pam

I’m thanking God that my husband passed the final exam and will get his Masters Degree.😀 Thank you to all those who joined me in prayer for him in December. God is good!🙌 Thank you for that blessing, Lord. It will stand him in a better position for when he competes for a permanent position in his company later on in the year (va a presentarse a oposiciones en la Diputacion de Málaga). He’s an intern and our family situation will be better if he gets a permanent job with better conditions.  Jodie

After a short stay in hospital, Thank ~you all for your love and kindness through our Lord Jesus our Saviors good Name ~I am home today feeling better …Hallelujah. …A B 🐕Blessing+Digby🐶 Anna M

We have signed our house sale contracts, but having difficulty getting a settlement figure from our mortgage supplier. After prayer for the Lord’s peace, love and wisdom too, the solicitor managed to contact the mortgage provider and we now are getting the settlement figure. Thank you Jesus. Norman and Ann

My friend and ex-colleague, Braulio, gave his life to the Lord today. We also prayed for healing for his cripplingly high blood pressure and circulation problems. More prayers appreciated for physical healing and for spiritual guidance (He’s seen through Catholicism but is a bit lost. He has a bible and is reading the New Testament).   Howard

Father thank you for your love for Braulio and his acceptance of Jesus into his heart. Thank you that you’ve allowed Howard to be your witness and harvester. Lord Jesus I ask you for wisdom for Howard to help Braulio to lay firm foundations. Norman

Lord, I thank you that you are with Rita’s cousin Sharon, undergoing surgery to remove a brain tumour. I thank you that you are in the operating theatre. I thank you that you are speaking to her during her operation. Lord, I thank you for perfect healing in Jesus wonderful name. Amen. Ann A

Thanx for yr prayers. Sharon is awake and responsive to everything around her. Praise the Lord AMEN. Pls keep her in prayer for her recovery 😘 Rita

Thank you Lord for this past year of your blessing, and we look forward to a new year when we will walk even closer to you. Amen.  Anne

The Ark has been welcoming new members over the last 4 years of worship being located in The Ark Christian School.  The total has grown from 44 in 2016 to 146 members in 2019.  The Sunday School and Youth Group have been growing steadily during 2019. Praise the Lord.  Bonnie

Thank you Father God for sending us your one and only Son.  Carole

Thanks for all those who helped in bag-packing at Iceland in December: a total of 1.433 euros was received in donations.  Bonnie

Thank you Lord we celebrated another year of life of many of our Ark family members today. Thank you that every day is a precious gift from you. 🙏🏻 Jodie

The Arts and Crafts group have taken 420 euros in donations for the Christmas food bank and from the sale of The Ark Christmas cards. We hope that more people will join the group in 2020. Praise the Lord. Bonnie


Last year (2019) 100 prayers in the newsletter were answered. Praise the Lord!