English speaking church on the Costa del Sol

At The Ark there is a strong emphasis on prayer, supplication and thanksgiving.  Prayers are shared among the congregation all through the week

As God answers our prayers thanks are given to God and are shared among us all as a sign of encouragement to all. This is in line with The Ark’s vision of ‘building one another up’.  Here are just some of the thanks that have been shared in the past 4 weeks to encourage us all:

Howard has received his deposit from the future owners of his house. PTL

Giving thanks for members of the Ark family who have had the vaccine with no ”secondary effects”. PTL  

Good news of the baby girl. She had some problems in her heart but those problems has disappeared and she is responding well to the cancer treatment. Praise the Lord. May God show his miracles in that baby girl’s life. I pray complete healing over her and peace for the family IJN Amen.  Anna

Father we thank you for Bernie, spending time with our young adults. We ask you father to bestow on them peace, joy, your Love for them, and fun & laughter, that they will grow together in relationship with you Jesus, & each other. 🤣🤣🤣❤️  Linda G

Thank You Lord for Your love and kindness to us Your children. You lavish Your blessings upon us. Bring us even closer to You today, to hear Your heartbeat, to know Your will for every part of our lives, to experience the joy of obedience to You. We declare our love for You, Lord; have Your way in us, with us today. Amen.  Roger

Thank You Jesus for Your amazing love for us. We praise and glorify Your Name.  Rita

We continue to praise You for the miraculous life of Nacho and Sofie’s daughter. Maintain Your mighty hand of protection over her as the doctors and nurses care for her tiny body. We claim her for You Lord, every miraculous part, ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ by You. You are perfect in ALL of Your ways. In You we trust.  Roger

Thank You, ABBA, that You are always here for us and with us. Praying for relief and comfort for all who ask for prayer.  Angela

Your rescue of us sinners is beyond comprehension; Your love beyond understanding. All we can do is receive . . . and thank You. All glory to You!  Roger

Thank You Father for an amazing testimony from Your word today (25 Apr) to trust and obey You with our situations and honour You with what You have blessed us with by tithing faithfully and joyfully. Bless Your Holy Name Jesus 👏👏  Rita

Thank you Lord for your many blessings. Our car passed the ITV. Carole H

Thank you Lord for Roger and Anne who guided us wonderfully through the ‘steps’ day today (21 Apr). We had a liberating, spirit filled time of discipleship and felllowship and I certainly feel renewed by it. Thank you Jesus we can trust your word that the truth sets us free.  Jodie

Let’s give thanks to our God today, for the wonderful things he has done in our lives. We thank the Lord for Ann A
and her family at this time of bereavement, thank you Lord, Ann’s Mum knows you and is with you rejoicing in heaven. We give thanks for our families and the Ark families, their children & youth, thank you Lord your hand is on them , bless them Lord. We give all the glory to you father for your healing touch on people’s lives, I will sing 🎶 of the loving kindness of the Lord forever; To all generations I will make known your faithfulness with my mouth. Psalm 89 :1
We worship you Lord . 🎶🎶🎶🎶❤️  Linda G

Thank You Lord, for Your amazing love.  Edith

Dear Creator God, thank You for showing us the amazing warm sunshine today, after all the rain. We know we need the rain, and thank You for it too, but we are so grateful for the sun for most of the day today ☀️  Pam

Thank you Jesus for the favour we received collecting our TIE’s, in that we didn’t have to wait for the four hour gap between our appointments. Thank you Jesus. Norman A 

Thank You Jesus that You are always there with us.  Carole H

Thank you for your prayers for Jonathan, after sudden breathing problems. Jonathan is feeling better already!  Praise the Lord!  Anna A

Thank you Jesus that You’re coming soon to take us home with You, Lord we want to be ready for yourreturn, as a bride waits for her Bridegroom.. Lord help us showthe love of Jesus to a hurting world.  We pray for your youth and children in our fellowship, that thye will grow in Your love, knowledge and Your wisdom, to lead others to You.  Bless them and their families. Thank You Lord, for them X ❤️  Linda G

We are all giving thanks for members of The Ark family who have had the Covid-19 vaccine without side effects

Martina is thanking the Lord that her husband David is home after having a heart attack. 

Thank you for your prayers for our dog, Moet. The operation went well and hopefully she will recover quickly and we can go out for walks. And thank you Lord I now have childcare sorted for July and August. This means SO much to me. 🙌🏻🙌🏻💃💃  Jodie

Thank  you Lord for your faithful involvement in Jodie’s life. She and her lovely children are such a blessing to us, and we’re looking for the complete family! Over to you please Lord 🙏  Anne T

Thank you Jesus for your provision for Jodie and her lovely boys.  Pam 

Thank you Jesus you answered my prayer today and give me wonderful peace I even had I blessed morning with a few ladies knowing you was on the job already praise the Lord 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽  Elaine

Thank You Jesus that you cover us with Your robe of righteousness.  Jodie

Thank you to everyone involved in making today’s service (Easter – 4 Apr) such a joyful one. Thank you Jesus that you paid the price for our sins and that we have real hope because of you. Thank you also for the miracles we will see in our church because we worship a living God.  Jodie

Thank you Jesus that the debt has been fully paid.. Tetelestai!  Pam

Thank You, Yeshua, for Your awesome, great sacrifice . HalleluYah! ❤❤❤  Angela

Last year (2020) 120 prayer requests were answered, of which about a quarter were physical healings. Praise the Lord!