At The Ark there is a strong emphasis on prayer, supplication and thanksgiving.  Prayers are shared among the congregation all through the week

As God answers our prayers thanks are given to God and are shared among us all as a sign of encouragement to all. This is in line with The Ark’s vision of ‘building one another up’

Here are just some of the thanks that have been shared in the past 4 weeks to encourage us all:


Hi everybody, I am hospitalized (31 Jul) because of chest pains and after tests they will keep me for observation overnight. They say it can be a thrombus and I received medicine. I trust God that He will protect me and I will go home tomorrow. Ask for your prayers and blessings……   I just came out from the operation saloon (3 Aug). It took almost 1,5 hour. Everything was perfect. They found two narrowed vessels and with balloon dilated vessels. Everything worked perfectly. just a little dizzy of morphine injection otherwise completely successful. Thanks for all the prayers.  Anon

Thank you lord for this safe recovery.  Helen

Praise God for a successful operation. Praying for your speedy healing. 🙏  Edith

Thank you Jesus.  Pastor Andrew

Thank You Lord for keeping Roger and Anne safe. 😊  Edith

Morning All, my temperature in going down and my headaches are less, or I am on the mend, Perhaps it was a bug of some sort. Thank you Lord for Your healing and Your love upon my life.  Carole

Thanks & Praise to our wonderful God.  Val L

If we keep our eyes fixed on The Son as sunflowers stay fixed on the sun we will flourish as they do, dropping seeds along the way that many maybe born again. Thank you Lord for your Son. x  Nigel

Thank You Lord for Your wonderful Word, keeping us close to You.  Roger

My niece Ronja fell and hurt her head. They are waiting ambulance right now. Healing and protection over Ronja, and peace over the family IJN Amen.  Ronja had few stiches and concussion. They want to keep her in the hospital overnight. But it doesn’s look more serious than that. Praise the Lord.  Anna

Thank you Jesus for your wonderful healing.  Norman

Thank you Father for Ronja, Alberto and baby Alyssa (sorry if I missed anyone) everyone of them Your precious children. Thank You for Your healing, mending and saving grace. Amen.  Carole

Alberto gave his life to the Lord in Adintre today. He is a waiter who has lost his job and ended up on the street. I pray for spiritual protection and for a new job. Howard

Thank you Jesus for receiving Alberto into your family.  Norman

Father ✝️giving thanks 4 Ronja’s protection & A Hallelujah ❤️4 Alberto’s
Salvation, asking provision 4 him also. IJN Amen 🙏  Bonnie

Update on Pastor Dyfan Williams of Emmanuel Church in Northwich, Cheshire: “Praise God for great results for Dyfan following his recent biopsy. The results were clear and he will now have some further follow-up treatment over the next months.” Hallelujah! Thank you Lord Jesus!  Pam

He was so on my mind yesterday and wanted to ask for update, so thanks and Praise our Almighty God for His mercy…🙏🙏  Rosalind

Thank you Jesus for Pastor Dyfan..again !!  Pastor Andrew

Thank You Lord You are my Resident and President.  Roger

Thank You for Your Amazing Grace.  Edith

Jesus thank you that you provide us with governments to care for people. Lord Jesus provide wisdom to the people forming the laws and those judiciary who make judgments about those laws. Jesus in your name we rebuke and bind those spirits behind people who want to pervert those good just laws to their own ends. Thank you Jesus for yours is the victory. Thank you Jesus for your plans are to prosper and not to harm your people.  Norman

Thank you God for a lovely Ark family day at the Aquapark! We certainly had fun. Thank you for keeping us safe and for letting us experience your joy.  Jodie

Gina and Alex’s baby, Alyssa Grace Mountain, born last Monday night, with cord around her neck. She was rushed to hospital and was put on life support. They then thought necessary that she should be transferred to another hospital in Bristol. She was cooled to 33 degrees to stop any swelling on the brain. Yesterday they took her off life support and she is breathing on her own. She is feeding well from her mummy and we wait now for a brain scan on Monday night. We are all so in love with little Alyssa. She is a fighter and God is a God of miracles.  Miracle Baby Alyssa & her parents are home. Thank You Jesus 💜✝️via Berni

Jesus you are GREAT AND GREATLY TO BE PRAISED thank you for your wonderful love for Alyssa.  Norman

Thank you Jesus for the full life of little Alyssa. Amen.  Anne

Thanks to Jesus. At the prayer meeting we prayed for my brother in law, Timothy who was rushed to hospital. He is doing really, really well. Jesus has done a miracle once again! 💜✝️  Berni

Thank you Lord for Timothy’s recovery.  Ali

Thank you Jesus , we give you all the Glory, blessing over Timothy & his family. ❤️ Linda

Wow thank you Lord as you move among us healing each of us..  I have just prayed, will let you know as the day goes on… so far I have no pain in my heel, halleluya xxx  Just to say thanks for your prayers for my heel.. It seems the Lord has healed it!!! Praise him xx he is faithful..  Mia

Fantastic ! Healed heel 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼thank You Jesus.  Berni

Praise the Lord for Mia’s healing🙏  Rosalind

Who is laughing more, us or the Angels in Heaven? Thank you Jesus for healing Mia’s heel. Let us also pray against all these coronavirus outbreaks and as mentioned in the prayer meeting, pray against and declare against any second waves. Thankyou Jesus…again.  Pastor Andrew

Mette after her hospital tests today (21 July) says they found nothing wrong – camera found nothing, and she said the procedure wasn’t painful. Glory to God.  Angela

Mette…thank you Jesus…again.  Pam…thank you Jesus…again !! 😃 Pastor Andrew

Great news re Mette thank you Lord.  Ali

Can’t stop singing ‘The Splendour of the King’. Last night (20 July) I sat out and watched the lightning and rain and listened to the thunder and this morning we had thunder and sunshine. How Great Is Our God. Thank you Lord for the spendour of your creation, the beauty of the work and brilliant colours of birds, flowers and all. Thank You.  Carole

Thanking God for Martina’s Aunty Helena’s life and excited to know that if she knew Jesus she will be in His arms right now and even more excited to know that we can all look out for her and have a big party together when we all meet up again in His Glorious Eternal Kingdom. Thankyou Jesus.  Pastor Andrew

Wonderful! Thank you Lord for your saving power, and for showing Martina’s Aunty Helena’s salvation, so she knows again your peace. Amen.  Anne

Feeling ill with bad toothache and my dentist is closed for St Carmen bank hol. Managed to get appt at one in Mijas Golf at 12. Think I might need antibiotics for infection, it’s so swollen. Jesus got me through last night (15 July), thank you Lord.  Pam

Thank you Jesus for your continued healing and love for Pam.  Norman

Thank you Lord for looking after Pam’s teeth and giving her liquid antibiotics.  Ali

Thank you Lord God for loving us enough to send Jesus to die so horribly. Thank you Lord Jesus for your great sacrifice. Thank you Holy Spirit for empowering us. Aleluia, we love You!!  Roger

Definite reason for Thanksgiving from Alastair Mc Roberts.  He says he has lost a lot of weight, walking his five miles a day. His recovery is going amazingly well, and he’s on very little medication now. The Cardiologist says he’s three months ahead of where he should be, and is very happy! Alastair says, ‘I believe it’s all the prayer! God gets the glory; I just can’t believe I’m doing this well!!’ Amen to that.  Roger

Audrey has survived her op. Bless you all for your prayers… far so good🙏💓 praise God🙏.  Rosalind

Thank You Jesus for what you’re doing for Audrey & Alistair 💜✝️  Bernie

Thank U Jesus 4 Ur presence in Audrey’s surgery . Bring her through it Lord 4 her complete healing🙏❤️✝️🔥❤️🙏  Bonnie

Thank you Jesus for your provision and healing.  Norman

Thank Lord you have made this day (5 July) of getting us together to Praise you with our tambourines and dancing.  Carole H

Thanksgiving to God for this day; and that,at long last, we can start meeting up – gathering together- again. ❤  Angela


Last year (2019) 100 prayers in the newsletter were answered. Praise the Lord!