At The Ark there is a strong emphasis on prayer, supplication and thanksgiving.  Prayers are shared among the congregation all through the week.

As God answers our prayers thanks are given to God and are shared among us all as a sign of encouragement to all. This is in line with The Ark’s vision of ‘building one another up’

Here are just some of the thanks that have been shared recently to encourage us all. 

This is from Chel….the girl who I used to work with at the Manila Cafe and who we all prayed for last week. Jesus always gives ‘the best news. Thank you Lord…..again. “Good news . Cancer has not spread . Waiting for an operation slot to be done from a private hospital as they have cancelled all operations . It will only take an hour and will be a same day case but not sure at this point if they have to do a mastectomy but this will be clarified after my MRI scan . They won’t be doing chemo due to the risk of Coronavirus. Well that’s the best positive I could’ve heard . X”  Pastor Andrew

Beautiful thank you Lord. Our prayers are never missed out when we pray in unity He will answer our prayer.  Annette

Brilliant you are indeed a marvellous God. Thank you for your healing hands upon Chel’s life.  Carole H

Hazel is home and a district nurse is coming in to dress her wound. Still feeling very weak and wound infection not cleared yet but happy to be home. Praise the Lord and please continue to pray for healing of wound infection and for renewed strength. 🙏🏻  Berni

Father ✝we ask 🙏that with one touch 👍from the King 👑that wound will grow quickly together leaving no scar. We thank U Lord ✝4 that touch👏 on Hazel.🙏❤✝🔥  Bonnie

Thank you Jesus for the wonders of your healing touch. I thank you that your healing will continue until full health is restored. Thank you Jesus. Amen.  Norman 

Pastor Dyfan Williams from my previous church in Northwich, Cheshire is having treatment for bladder cancer.  He says ‘I have just heard from the hospital the biopsy results  revealed ‘no further evidence of cancer within the sample’. I’m so grateful to God for his mercy and kindness, and grateful to you for your prayers and concern. Next is a 6-week course of immunotherapy, towards the end of April. In these testing days, let’s continue to pray along the lines of Paul’s words to the Thessalonians: “May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word.” (2 Thess 3:16-17)’  Pam

Praise the Lord! The Lord gave me the Scripture 2 Thess 3:16-17, this week, a wonderful encouragement. I have just heard from my daughter that her friend Danni, is over the worst of this virus and is getting stronger every day. Thank you for your prayers and thank You Jesus for Your Healing touch.  Edith

Thank you Jesus for the wonders of your healing touch. I thank you that your healing will continue until full health is restored. Thank you Jesus. Amen.  Norman 

Pastor Dyfan…thankyou Jesus. Danii…thankyou Jesus, how wonderful, how faithful,how gracious you are….Name slightly above all names ? No, high above ALL names !!! Hallelujah.  Pastor Andrew

We have been trying to transfer money and the line was always busy. I said to Tony we need to pray about this. So I asked God that the call will be answered. They said 10 minute wait. So we thanked God and within minutes we were through. What a wondered caring God we have. Thank you Lord for that blessing upon our lives.  Carole H

Pastor Lee McClelland from the Ark Church Shankill Rd and Mark McClurg director team challenge are both critically ill with the virus. 21/3/2020.

On the 21st I had asked for prayer for Pastor Mark and Pastor Lee. Today 23/3/2020 we got the news that Pastor Mark has been taken of the ventilator and doing well but please keep praying for him Pastor Lee is still on a ventilator. Our God is great. Amen.  Hugh

Thank you for the improvement in Mark Lord. Will you now complete his healing. We speak health and healing into Lee, and thank you for it now. Amen.  Anne Taylor

American Carol thanks everyone who prayed after she fell badly on Monday, convinced of heavenly cushioning, nothing broken, doing well.  Ole

We spoke with Carol on Tuesday and prayed with her. She was touched by The Lord. Praise you Jesus for your healing touch. Amen.  Anne Taylor

Thank you Lord for the Spirit-filled preachers you have given to us; for the Spirit-filled worship leaders you have given to us; for all the support network that our family has built up over the past years at The Ark – preparation for a time such as this. What an awesome amazing God You are.  Ali

Thanks to God for speaking to us through Howard today on the WhatsApp Prayer/Thanksgiving chain.  Angela

My Granddaughter Jessica 10 yrs old, was unwell coughing, our daughter Naomi , Josh (husband) younger daughter, Lily 5 yrs , have to self isolate, live in Cornwall. Thank you for praying for her, she’s much better, playing with her sister Lily. Thank you Jesus for you covering & promises over all our families, thank you for your healing touch on Jessica . 🙏👏👏👏
Psalm 91 ❤  Linda

Update on Pastor Dyfan’s operaton on Tuesday 10 March (he was diagnosed with bladder cancer): Pastor Dyfan is very grateful for your prayers. He’s recovered well from his operation. Please pray for patience as he waits to hear about the next steps in his treatment (He is the Pastor at my old church and Heather Smallwood’s current church in Northwich, Cheshire). Praise the Lord he is recovering well from the op.  Pam

I thank you Lord Jesus that you continue to bless and protect us all I’m your Ark…❤ For your glory we pray. Amen  Nigel

🌧Thank you Lord for the rain that started falling just as we entered worship. Your rain is purifying the atmosphere and washing away the virus from everything we come into contact with outside. Your holy presence is falling on us as we worship united but separately in our homes.  Jodie

Lord, how wonderful this fellowship through Your Spirit! We are one in You, even when apart, and listening to the Ark worship was very uplifting. You are wonderful! We praise Your holy Name, Amen.  Roger

Lord Jesus who we serve, You are the way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness and may that be shown through Joyce and all servants serving today and always. Thank you Jesus.  Norman

The birds are singing, the smell of orange blossom is beautiful. Nature continues and Carries on! And so will we. Thank Jesus your mercies are new every morning. Let’s lift our hearts and voices to our King Lord of all. ❤  Linda

Praise God for common sense as we go through this strange season. God is amazing and so faithful. He surely works all things together for the good of those who love Him. Thank you Jesus for your unfailing faithfulness and love. Take heart people of God – this is an opportunity to draw near to Him – and he will draw near to us. God bless. Xx ♥  Bridget

I continue to praise the Lord for healing my sister-in-law Angie following her stroke. Having been told that she would be confined to a wheelchair, she is now walking with the help of a 4 wheel walker and still improving. Hallelujah!  Howard

Thank you God that You are always working and are healing Angie. 🙌🙌 Jodie

Thank You Jesus our mighty healer. 💜✝  Bernie

I froze a lot of the produce we were blessed with and preparing dinner with some I thought, was this He sent to us for a time as this?  Thank you Lord that you supply our every need. May we not forget to give thanks to the one who sustains us in food to nourish our bodies and food to nourish our Spirit.  Carole H

I had a rash and stomach pains for 4 days. At housegroup on Tuesday as we were raising our hands and Praising God the group prayed for me. I have been healed. Thank you Jesus. Carole H

Glory to God! The same happened to me on Sunday. I had been having stomach pains and discomfort in the lower back all that morning. I knew it was only a passing thing, but it got very uncomfortable whilst I and 4 other Arkies were having lunch. (They know who they are😊). They prayed over me and about 3 mins after I felt it physically starting to lift. A few mins later it had gone completely. Nothing is too small or too great for our awesome God. Thanking Him always. Praise His mighty Name. Angela

I raise a hallelujah to Jesus Christ, The cure of all ailments for everyone in need of His healing touch AMEN. Glory to God for all who have received healing. Thank You Jesus 👏👏👏 Rita

Praise You Jesus for these healings. 🙏🙂 Edith

Looking at the BBC News online yesterday I believe that I saw a headline stating that the next two weeks should see the back break of this virus going round. If that is being predicted by the experts then the measures unknowingly introduced by Andrew are in agreement. Thank you Jesus for a pastor who hears and obeys Your words. Thank you Jesus for the wisdom and protection you provide. Thank you Jesus that You know the beginning from the end. Thank you Jesus that You are our healer and that all the viruses, coughs and cold will be dealt with and healing flow. Thank you Jesus.  Norman

After we prayed for Hazel, she is out of Intensive Care and back on the ward and making good progress. She even cracked a joke yesterday! Praise be to God. Thank you all for your prayers, please continue, she has a way to go yet.  Bernie

Praise You Lord, we ask for more of Your healing power on Hazel. 🙏  Edith

Special thanksgiving for the leaders of The Ark and all they do to serve the church. Praise the Lord. 

The Edwards family has a new home on the Costa, PTL

Thank you Lord for healing broken vessels yesterday.  Carole H

Thank the Lord that we have found a good specialist at last and Alex’s foot/leg is slowly improving and pray for continued healing. 🙏🏻 Jodie

We thank the healer of all creation for the good work He has started in Alex and He will fulfil it. Amen. Thank you Lord, you never let your children down.  Annette

Great news. Thank you Lord for healing Alex. Carole H

Thanking the LORD for His Light, His Goodness, His Mercy – in short – His Love. ❤ Angela

After we were praying for a friend, Cameron, battling with the debilitating effects of granulatmatosis and losing his sight, whose chemotherapy doesn’t seem to be working, his consultant at Costa del Sol Hospital said his blood levels are stable. He’s referred him to a specialist at Seville, who may be able to help with the damage to his eyes. Thank you Lord. Pam

Thank you for the good news about Cameron’s results. Ali

Praise God. Our brother in law has had the all clear from throat and bowel cancer. Thank you Jesus. How wonderful you are. Carole H

Thank you Jesus,yet again, for the news of Carole’s brother in law re throat and colon cancer. And I join the global prayer today re coronavirus. And I thank you Jesus that Your Name is above all names. Pastor Andrew


Last year (2019) 100 prayers in the newsletter were answered. Praise the Lord!