Discipleship Courses

Discipleship courses are normally held in small groups – along the lines of ‘House groups’. Sometimes they may be held in homes or at The LifeBoat. Usually they are held at The Ark School. The courses are sequenced progressively over a 3 year cycle, to help us each grow as we walk on our journey with Christ and to be where our God wants us to be.  We are nearing the end of the current 3 year cycle for most of the groups, so many of the courses have been completed and house groups are looking at different topics. Contact house group leaders for more information

The Tuesday evening discipleship group are studying the Foundations for Righteous Living, by Derek Prince course, led by Pastor Andrew and Debbie, will begin on Tuesday 26 January 2021 at 18:30 to start at 19:00 at The Ark Christian School 

Many church meetings were cancelled while emergency measures were in place during 2020. You can follow the discipleship teachings online at Ole’s YouTube channel.

ALL church meetings were cancelled during the emergency measures in early 2020. We are a bigger than average church along the coast and had many meetings most days, all of which were well attended and this action was our part to minimise any spread of coronavirus.

You can follow the teachings online at Ole’s YouTube channel.  You may need to click on Videos to see them all. The Discipleship teachings of Christian foundation (Derek Prince); The Book of Esther; Song of Solomon.  And if you would like the handouts in PDF format, please send an email to Ole at ark@way2f.com 

House Groups

Tuesday morning house group meets at 11:00 at a local cafe led by Mike & Edith  – please ask for details of the venue

Thursday evening house group meets via Skype at 19:45, led by Roger & Anne – please ask them for details


Alpha, Book of Esther, Book of Ruth, Book of Song of Songs, Building the Temple of God, Freedom in Christ, Tabernacle and Feasts, Gifts, How to hear God’s voice are not currently running