Our morning services are usually every Sunday at 11:00, in The Ark Christian School .  However, during the lockdown measures, of course, we cannot meet together. As soon as these restrictions on gatherings are lifted, we will announce the date for our next morning service here.  However, we have found that new technology, such as Zoom, is helping us to “meet” to worship and pray online. If you are on the WhatsApp communication chains, you will see the details there. To be added to the chains, please contact Pastor Andrew or Ali 

Pastor Andrew says, “After prayer time with Jesus who is our Great Shepherd, as Pastor, one of the main roles for me is to protect His sheep at The Ark. The support and unity we experienced after the last announcement of closing the midweek meetings was truly outstanding…let’s maintain that.”  Subsequently we find this falls in line with advice from the Spanish Government

Our Sunday services are held in the Ark Christian School

We hold family services each Sunday morning, starting at 11:00, with an active Sunday School, led by Ilse, for youngsters of all ages. If you would like to listen to past sermons click the Services menu at the top of this page        

We are hoping to revitalise the services by including a “Kids’ Spot” again, but we need volunteers to make this happen.  If you can volunteer to do an occasional short (10 minute max) spot, which can include a song, with the children at the front of the church, on a rota basis, please contact Debbie directly

If prayer is needed, our Prayer Ministry Team are happy to minister to you at the end of the service

Refreshments in the shape of tea and coffee are provided after the service

For location details, click on the link or please visit Our Locations page 

We usually celebrate Communion every four weeks during the morning service.   The date of the next communion will be announced here