The service on Sunday 13 September 2020 will be held in The Ark Christian School building. It will be led by Debbie, the word will be brought to us by Pasor Andrew and the service will start at 11:00

There are a few regulations we need to adhere to so we can have a safe time:

1) please everyone bring your own mask and wear it at all times unless you are in an exempt category

2) please keep where possible to social distancing of 1.5 metres apart

3) please apply the sanitising gel to your hands when entering the Ark School building

4) all toilets will have these sanitising gels available, please use them each time

5) on entering the building, please do not hang around the entrance, this may cause an unwanted gathering

6) there are posters around the school reminding you and others of “masks and social distancing” rules

7) the chairs are spaced out, please stay in your seats with your children with you

8) there will be no Sunday School

9) there will be no refreshments at the end of the service so please bring your own. And finally

10) have a great time!!! 

We usually hold family services each Sunday morning, in the Ark Christian School starting at 11:00, and we had an active Sunday School, led by Ilse, for youngsters of all ages

We are now including a “Kids’ Spot” again, thanks to volunteers who make this happen.  If you can volunteer to do an occasional short (10 minute max) spot, which can include a song, with the children at the front of the church, on a rota basis, please contact Debbie directly

If you would like to listen to past sermons, choose from the Services menu at the top of this page 

If prayer is needed, our Prayer Ministry Team are normally happy to minister to you at the end of the service, but since the process cannot maintain social distancing, this is not currently happening

For location details, click on the link or please visit Our Locations page 

We usually celebrate Communion every four weeks during the morning service

The date of the next communion will be Sunday 27 September