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English speaking church on the Costa del Sol

Events in 2022… more below

Sunday 23 January morning service in The Ark Christian School starting at 11:00. Howard brings the word from God to us. Please come with an ‘expectant’ heart. The service will be led by Debbie Sunday 30 January morning service in The Ark Christian School starting at 11:00. The word from God will be brought to us by Pastor Andrew. Please come with an ‘expectant’…
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January 16, 2022 0

Keep up with teachings

The Tuesday evening discipleship group’s next course is Song of Songs, to start 25 January 2022 at 19:00 at the Ark Christian School, led by Pastor Andrew and Debbie. If you haven’t yet done this course, or have done it in the past and want to do it again as part of continuous learning, then please contact Debbie…
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January 11, 2022 0